Elegy Coverart

Another thing I am – or was, for a while anyway – is an artist.

Around the time that I was writing Elegy, I was still pretty heavy into drawing. I’m quite rusty now, and it would take a fair amount of practice to get back to where I was again.

Just after I finished Elegy, I received a coupon via my NaNo win for a free proof copy of the novel via Createspace.com. In order to get that, though, I needed a cover… and since I was still drawing pretty frequently at the time, I decided to do my own coverart. The image below is entirely designed, drawn and colored by me, and I’m quite proud of the fact, actually.

(As a side note, the header image for the blog is also my own original artwork, drawn around the same time as the coverart).

So, here it is. The cover to the upcoming Elegy.

Coverart for Elegy

Elegy: Book One of the Arbiter Codex


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