Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

Saw this on George R. R. Martin’s LiveJournal. This is a parody video, and it’s funny.

If you value your brain, you may not want to watch the original. When will people learn that the word “theory” as it relates to science IS NOT EQUAL to the casual word “theory”? I watched most of the original video, and after the girl from my state gave the same, hedgy, wavering answer about “the student should decide what to believe” I nearly started to cry.

Evolution and creationism are NOT equivalent. They are not, and never will be. They don’t even relate to the same thing, really. When people talk about “evolution”, they seem to be solely referring to the evolution of humankind.Turns out there’s a bunch of other stuff that evolved too – you know, pretty much every living thing on Earth!

Even for most theists (that I know, anyway), the question is not one between “Did the world evolve” and “Was the world created, as-is, fully-formed by some sort of mystical Sky Father with a long beard”. The major distinction lies in whether or not the theist believes that the whole process was set in motion by a higher power at the “beginning of time” (whenever that was).

That’s the debate, and it can be an interesting one, if everyone can keep level heads. Unfortunately, that’s all too uncommon.

Those hardcore “believers” who think that the “theory” of evolution is an affront to Christianity and think we should abolish scientific teachings for children in favor of contradictory, rambling accounts from some 2,000+ year old book need to wake up and find themselves in the 21st century, please. In case you didn’t notice, we’ve figured out a bunch of stuff since then. Like plumbing, for one. You like indoor plumbing, don’t you?


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