Elegy Launch: 7/27/2011!

I’ve gone and done it.

The formatting’s been done for two days, and every day since then has simply felt like I’m wasting time. I’m confident in my story, and I could not allow myself to push this off any further. It’s like running and taking a huge leap off a cliff, or jumping out of a plane with no parachute attached – things I’ve never been very good at.

I love this story – I really do. Elegy is right up there with the best things I’ve ever written, and the fact that it is in a complete, polished state is just too good to be true. I’ve known for a while (since I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was complete at ~51,000 words) that it was never going to make a splash in a traditional publishing arena. It’s just too short, and besides it is firmly in a genre – swords & sorcery – which is not well-loved by the established industry these days.

Besides, I really wanted the flexibility of going independent. I want the ability to connect directly with my fans (assuming there will be at least a few out there), to say what I want to say with no fear that a publisher is going to come down from on high and tell me “mmmmm…. no”. I love the indie publishing scene, and there are more and more great authors out there all the time who are going it alone. It’s wonderful that Holly Lisle has declared for us as well, lending a lot of legitimacy to our pursuits!

So, Elegy is now available via Smashwords.com and will soon be available via Amazon Kindle as well. It will be priced at $0.99 at all locations, because I said so. I have that ability, and so I have decreed it.

I will update once Amazon has finished its review process and it has become officially available on the Kindle store.

This is a hell of a thing. Of course, this launch is not the end… oh boy, not by a long shot. This is just the beginning, making it available. Now I want to find the people who will love D’Arden’s story as much as I do, and who enjoy talking to me and like sharing what they’ve found out there. I’ve already begun to find some great people on Twitter, and I know that will continue!

Thanks to everyone who’s come along with me so far, and may there be many more friends along the way!


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