Live & Learn

So, after spending nearly two weeks following formatting instructions to the letter, I released Elegy this morning, only to be informed very shortly thereafter that there was a HUGE, MONSTROUS formatting problem with the PDF version of the book.

Honestly, I’m mortified. After being so confident in the work I’d done making sure that everything was exactly as it’s supposed to be, it turns out that I screwed it up royal. I’m also frustrated, though, because I followed those damn instructions like they were divine commandments, and it still turned out with a major problem!

I uploaded a revised version only shortly thereafter, and it actually looks significantly better than the original, both in PDF and the other formats, including my preferred: ePub. (I love ePub – it’s wonderful and reads so well on my ancient Sony eReader, though I don’t get to spend nearly the time I’d like with that particular device anymore). The problem was relating to page breaks, and as it turns out, the ePub format DOES acknowledge and listen to page breaks. Go figure!

Live and learn. Also, revise and update. I can’t be afraid of making mistakes here, since I’m doing this all on my own. There’s no map here, and even though I’ll probably end up reinventing the wheel five or six (hundred) times in the coming months and years, hopefully I can glean something from the other indie authors in the business as I go along. Mistakes are going to happen, they happen to the best, and the only thing one can do is accept the mistake, work to remedy it, and move on.

On the bright side, this means that I can get the formatting for Dutiful Daughter right on the FIRST try, and won’t have to panic mere hours after uploading it because one of the versions is completely broken!

“Mistakes, properly addressed and rectified, turn into wisdom.” – C. Kellen, 2011


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