It hurts, it hurts.

I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. Pulling my book out of premium distribution, re-uploading to Smashwords and forcing a full re-publish on the Kindle store that’s going to take 24 hours… argh! It hurts!

I should have listened to that little voice a few days ago that was telling me, ‘No, don’t go with the cover you drew 3 years ago… come up with something new and better!’

‘Silly voice,’ I said imperiously. ‘You have no idea of which you speak. This cover is great! It’s the one I’ve always wanted to put on this book! After all, I drew it myself!’

‘Yes, but there’s something wrong with it,’ the voice replied.

‘Well, what’s wrong with it?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know,’ answered the voice. ‘But something is wrong with it.’

‘Bah!’ I exclaimed. ‘You know nothing of what you speak, voice. Go, begone – I will do this my own way!’

Yep – once again, I’m an idiot. You win, tiny voice.

Rachael Stephen (@mythicflux) was also kind enough to point out to me, gently of course, that she wasn’t a fan of my cover image. Her reasons in particular were not ones that I agreed with – mostly that the previous cover was simply not professional enough. I believed that the home-made feel would be more likely to draw in my ideal readers, those who thought – as I do – that home-made is better. Unfortunately, that still didn’t solve the consistency problem, which, I realized today, was entirely insurmountable without completely changing the cover image.

Well, anyway… I hope she likes the new one at least a little bit better.

I knew there were going to be bumps in the road. I knew that this was going to be difficult, and painful, and kind of fun, and more painful. I knew that I was going to make mistakes; huge, epic blunders that were going to cost me time and make bad impressions on someone.

Like I said before – I don’t have a map here. I don’t think any indie author really does, besides some helpful advice from other indie authors. When it comes to things like covers, though, there’s a certain aesthetic sense that’s required, and I thought I had it down pat.

I didn’t.

Elegy: Book 1 of the Arbiter CodexThis. This is the freakin’ cover of my dreams. The one I could never hope to have accomplished with my well-practiced but still amateurish comic-art drawing skills.

If I’d listened to the voice in the first place, this could have been the cover I led with. Instead, I didn’t, and led with a cover which was okay, but decidedly not anywhere near the level which could be achieved.

So, in the next few days, the new cover art (and slightly altered interior) will be pushed out to the various retailers and such. Hopefully the good people at Smashwords won’t hate me too much for improving my book’s marketing by about 1000%.

I’m sorry, voice. I promise to listen to you in the future.


2 thoughts on “Argh…

  1. Nice cover art – although with KDP, all you needed to do was edit the book and upload the new cover plus possibly, if you’re including the cover with it, a new interior. It goes into draft stage but is still available on the site; once it’s approved the new simply replaces the old! Saves a day of lost sales 🙂 Not sure how the process works with the premium catalogue with Smashwords, though – I can imagine that’s rather more limited.

    • Oh! Well, that’s all I did with the Kindle one, but I didn’t even think to look if the old version was still there. Silly me. I just figured by the fact that it went back into ‘Publishing…’ that it was gone from the site. Well, that’s good anyway. Thanks for the info – that’s a good thing to know!

      The Smashwords one is, yes, a bit more limited. Because they do a manual review for the premium catalog, if you change anything but the price, it has to go through the whole process all over again. At least, that’s how I understand it. I really like Smashwords for the multi-format and the total lack of DRM (because I sincerely don’t believe in DRM) but some of their stuff is a bit confusing at times.

      Thanks again for the information, and thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you! 😀

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