The Next Undertaking

I’ve been having some thoughts about what my next undertaking should be.

Currently, I’m square in the middle of Book 2 of the Arbiter Codex, which hasn’t yet received an official title, although it’s quite close to getting one. (There are two possibilities, and I haven’t decided which is which yet). Having also completed a draft of a short story set in Eisengoth as well, which is currently going through beta reads and editing and will soon be off to a critique, I can’t remember the last time I’ve done this much writing outside of NaNo.

Of course, NaNo is coming up, and probably right around the time that I’m putting the finishing words on Book Two, if my current pace continues (and I intend to make it continue, no matter how difficult this middle section is becoming).

Unless I’m really incredibly inspired by finishing Book 2, I doubt that I will dive straight into Book 3 for NaNo this year.

So, assuming that I’m not incredibly inspired, I need to figure out what to use for a NaNo project. I have an urban fantasy story starring angels that needs a 100% rewrite. I also have the Syndicate Worlds, in which Dutiful Daughter is set, and Trace’s story after the events of DD, which needs telling. I’m sure I could also embark on something completely new if I wanted to.

Right now, I think I’m leaning toward writing the sci-fi story that belongs to Trace Atherton and the Syndicate Worlds. There’s not nearly enough strong sci-fi out there, and I like the character enough to pursue it as more than just a short story.

Now I just have to figure out how that story should be told. Of course, anything could happen by November, so no promises one way or the other!


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