ELEGY Book Trailer is Here!

So, after seeing some intriguing book trailers on YouTube for other authors’ works, I thought… “Hey. I could do that.”

I took a class on video editing a few years back, and as it turned out, not only did I have a talent for the process, I also had quite the dramatic flair. I have also recently been working on composing some instrumental music, since I also dabble in musicianhood from time to time. I’m a pretty good hand on the guitar, and I’m making my way along with the piano as well.

“So,” I thought. “Why not combine them?”

To be fair, I spent some time hunting for music that I could use from the CreativeCommons community, but simply didn’t find anything that fit the correct mood and style that I wanted. There was a very specific sound that I was going for, and I was coming up empty trying to find somebody else who’d produced something like it. So I decided to just do it myself, and as it turned out, I got precisely the mood I was looking for.

I’m really quite happy with how it came out. Judge for yourself!


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