Mini Review – Wild Child by Mike Wells

(Note: This review will contain spoilers.)

So, earlier today on Twitter, Mike Wells sent me a link to a free download of his (novel? novella? I’m not sure of the word count, but it was pretty short, coming in at only 87 ePub pages) first book, Wild Child.

Billed as a ‘thriller’, which seems to mean “modern day with unexplained or mysterious stuff going on” as far as I can tell from other entries in the genre, this was a fun short read. As I’ve warned many times, I’m a fast reader, and I burned through Wild Child in a bit under an hour.

The plot is solid and fast-moving, explaining little and barreling toward the finish like a freight train. The characters are fairly well-defined; the nice guy with a stern, overbearing father and a truly wild-spirited young woman, the titular Wild Child. Even in the relatively short time-frame allotted for the events, Wells manages to weave in a vaguely pseudo-scientific possible explanation for events, and what appears to be a massive government conspiracy, the extent of which we never truly find out.

The end of the book comes with a touching sacrifice on behalf of the main character, although given what we learn in the books, it hardly seems that it will be as permanent as the narrator makes it out to seem. Perhaps that is the lead-in for the follow-up that Wells is currently working on.

All in all, this was a solid read that kept me entertained from start to finish. I think there was enough premise to have made it longer – it seemed slightly rushed at times – and a few minor technical flaws marred the experience only slightly, which kept it from being a full 5 stars.

Final Score: 4 out of 5 stars. Recommended.


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