Decisions, Decisions

So, I’m approaching what I believe is going to be the end of “Part One” of the tentatively-titled “Prophecy, Book 2 of the Arbiter Codex”. It feels like we’re wrapping to a mini-conclusion – not at all the one I’d planned for the actual end of the book, but instead a smaller one that could easily divide the novel into two halves.

Part One is going to need some revision, but certainly not an entire re-write. There’s a few scenes which need to be redone in order to make the tone fit better with the world and the story I intended to tell. This is to be expected, I think, since one can’t really hope to get it perfect on the first try.

Now I’m encountering a bit of a problem in my own head. Once Part One wraps up, I’m not really sure what to do. Should I go back and edit what I’ve got so far so that it all lines up and matches what I wanted before I press on into Part Two? Should I press on and get the whole thing laid down before I go back and do my editing?

The other part of my problem is that I think I’ve finally figured out how to re-write the urban fantasy novel which was my 2007 NaNo and actually turn it into a cohesive story that follows all the way through… and I’m itching to actually do something with that. However, if I let my brain flutter off and just do whatever it wants, I’m certainly never going to get anything done.

Hmph. I know I can’t abandon “Prophecy” for another project right now, or even really take a break to work on something else, because I’m bound to lose the forward momentum that I’ve got going for myself right now. Still, it leaves me with the problem of deciding whether to go back and edit first or just push through to the end of the first draft.

I guess I’ll see what happens when I hit the end of Part One. Should be in pretty short order here, I think.


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