Formatting is really an adventure. I’ll get into that more in a different post, but it’s amazing how there always seems to be something you’ve overlooked.

Tonight, I have good news, everyone! I have officially launched my new novelette, THE CORPSE KING, just in time for the weekend!

The Corpse KingIt is currently available at Smashwords and will be available via Kindle’s network in the next 24 hours or so, judging by Amazon’s usual turnaround time.

I would like to note that my intention is for THE CORPSE KING to be a free download. I love the way this story came out, and it is a mysterious and engaging introduction to the strange world of Eisengoth and its zealous defenders, the Arbiters. Amazon requires that a book be offered with a price tag, however, and they don’t like the $0.00 price tag that I wanted for this one.

So, while it will be available at Kindle, please note that you can obtain a .mobi file (which will work on a Kindle device) via Smashwords for free.

I’m supremely excited to be sharing this story, and I hope that the many people who will read it enjoy it! There is more coming!


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