8 Days & Counting

The last week or so has been filled with madness. We’re still settling in to the new home, work has picked up at my day job, and I’ve been trying to write or read in every spare minute, which hasn’t left much time for blogging or Twitter.

We’re entering the final pre-NaNo stretch this year. I am now registered as Eisengoth on the site, so if you’d like to follow my progress on my first 100% original attempt since becoming a published indie author, feel free to drop by my profile there.

Quick update on Prophecy: I finished (sort of) the first draft. It’s currently in a limbo state as I re-evaluate to figure out what I want to do with it. Right now it’s looking like many of the elements may get transplanted into a new plot that’s tighter and more true to the original story. The one I wrote is kind of meandering, and at least two of the major plot points just aren’t going to work within the world’s logic. It may not even keep its name right now; we’ll have to see. I’ll be getting back to that in December.

For now, I’m working on firming up the ideas around my tentatively-titled Starfire (whose name I’m certain will change), which will be a super-far-future science-fiction adventure with fantasy elements and probably almost no hard science at all. While I really wanted to work on the novel version of Dutiful Daughter, I don’t really think that’s a NaNo-style project – plus, I’m not exactly sure what I want that story to be just yet. It’s getting there, but isn’t strong enough to jump into.

I’ll be updating on Starfire progress throughout November here, on Twitter and on Facebook. Hope you’ll be NaNo-ing too!


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