Arbiter Codex 2 Update

So, of course, having decided to put Book 2 on the back burner until after NaNo, I was struck with inspiration last night and wrote a 2500-word prologue to a new version of this sequel. I believe the idea is forming for the correct story, which will be a worthy follow-up to Elegy.

Raise the stakes, make it more dangerous, but don’t forget the tight, claustrophobic vision that makes Swords & Sorcery what it is and what made Elegy so much fun to write in the first place.

Swords & Sorcery is a strange genre, and since I’ve spent so much of my life writing epic fantasy, I tend to trend that way when I’m not thinking about it. My brain automatically starts thinking about huge, world-shaking plots – but that’s not really what S&S is about. S&S is personal, gritty and dark. It’s about people trying to overcome bad things that happen to themselves and to the people around them.

This is the reason I’m having to fully re-write what I’ve done so far – the 58,000 words I wrote previously were basically the wrong subgenre.

Whatever this new story is called, I will do my utmost to make it a worthy sequel, and will not call it ‘done’ until it is.


On a side note, Sorcerer’s Code primary revisions are complete and it’s off to its final line edit. I’m having a bit more trouble with the cover for this one – Corpse King’s cover was like a flash of inspiration, but this one’s giving me a harder time. Right now the story itself is almost 14,000 words. For those looking for their next Eisengoth fix, I’m thinking right now that the release will likely be mid-November.

As always, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Arbiter Codex 2 Update

  1. I just finished reading Elegy and loved it. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet, but will do so in the next few days. I was just looking to find out if the next book was ready yet. I guess not. However, I did see Sorcerer’s Code and Corpse King on Smashwords and plan on buying both when I am paid. What order should they be read?

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m really glad to hear that you loved Elegy – I am currently in the process of writing book 2. Both Corpse King & Sorcerer’s Code take place before Elegy, but they are independent stories. I’d probably recommend CK first, then SC.

      Thanks again for stopping by – hope you continue to keep tabs on my work!! xD

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