NaNoWriMo 2011 Day 11

It’s 11/11/11. An entirely meaningless coincidence, and even more meaningless set of numbers, seeing as the date is actually 11/11/2011. Not nearly so symmetrical now, is it?

It was probably cooler back on 11/11/1111… but the calendar wasn’t the same back then, and it’s all arbitrary anyway.

Sorry to, you know, take all the fun out of that. Carry on.

National Novel Writing Month drives me onward. I stand at the end of Chapter 7 with 20,724 words as of 11:11 on 11/11/11.

Instead of taking the last line from today’s writing, I’ve decided to share with you one of the better snippets of dialogue that have come out of this frantic mess.


“The Schulz agents must be after the artifiact!” Stahl said. “We need to get down there, and fast!”

“There are only four of us,” Liana snapped at him. “What do you expect us to do? Go in there and demand that everyone surrender in the face of our overwhelmingly insufficient firepower?”


This comes as a direct result of Holly Lisle’s writing tip for today: give your main character the best lines. Originally that line was going to go to a supporting character, but I thought that one was good enough to redirect to my main character, Captain Liana Dorn. Thanks Holly!

On the bright side, the scene I’ve written so far today was significantly easier to write than the past few, and it was worth somewhere around 1400 words. I plan to do another session this afternoon, and maybe a third one this evening if I can find the inspiration for it. I’d like to land over 2000 words before the end of the day, and push up over 25,000 by the end of the weekend. Let’s see if it can be done.


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