Sorcerer’s Code Update & Pricing

After an unexpected delay, Sorcerer’s Code is now nearing completion. The almost-final revisions have been done, and now it needs a last coat of polish before formatting and making it available.

I’ve thought long and hard about the price point at which I’m offering my books, and I’ve decided to move myself more in line with the rest of independent author community. Therefore, when Sorcerer’s Code goes live (target date 12/19/2011) I will be changing the price of Elegy to $2.99 (novel-length) and Sorcerer’s Code will be $0.99 (novelette). The Corpse King will remain free, and hopefully will actually become so on Amazon in the near future, since I once again told them about the ‘free’ price at

Going forward, I will offer short stories (< 10k words) for free, novelettes (10-25k words) at $0.99, novellas (25k-50k words) at $1.99 and full novels (> 50k words) at $2.99. This puts me right there with the best the indie community has to offer, and I think it will be the right place for me as well. Guess we’ll see, since this whole thing is sort of an experiment anyway.

So, there are two major things to take away from this announcement. One: if you’re looking for more Eisengoth stories, there’s another Tale of Eisengoth coming very soon! Two: if you’re interested in Elegy but haven’t picked it up yet, you may want to do so before the price clicks up to the new level.

I think you’ll all really like Sorcerer’s Code. It’s a little different than the other two in tone, but it’s a lot of fun and explores a new part of the world of Eisengoth.



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