Eisengoth: The Arbiter (Blog Series)

Over the next week or two, I will be posting excerpts from the in-world Arbiter’s Codex, which holds the secrets and philosophies of that ancient order of defenders. This is world-building stuff that I’ve been working on, so it’s not stories per se, but instead insights into the background of the world.

The Arbiter follows the Path of Seven, which are seven virtues that have been elected to be held in the highest esteem by members of the Order. They are in two categories, internal and external, in regards to whether they deal with the improvement of self or interactions with the world.


Martial Perfection

These are the principles which every pure Arbiter strives to embody in order to resist corruption and gain strength to fight against the darkness.

Within the pages of the Codex, there are treatises and essays from the Order’s greatest masters on the definitions of these virtues, as well as how best to achieve them. It is more than a book of philosophy, however – it also contains magically-encrypted passages which can imprint the beginnings of a technique or fighting style onto the reader, giving them both direction and purpose in their training as they seek to hone it to perfection.

Since I cannot adequately represent these magical passages via the technological instrument we know as the Internet, this particular series will be focusing on the wisdom of the ancient masters, as we learn what it means to walk the Path of Seven.


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