Eisengoth: The Arbiter (1)


From whence came the Arbiter? What countryman declares that their pursuit must be in the right, for none less than the Arbiter himself makes their land his home? Such power could stand against legions of the dark things which bring death to the greatest of men, and so their cause must always be the right.

In darkness, in danger, men rule through fear and power. These are the tools of the warlord, the despot and the dictator. Threats of harm carried out with no more thought or care than the crushing of an insect quickly bring even the man of great strength to heel.

An Arbiter claims no home, no land, no family. Their ties are to the Order, to one another; to defend the bastion of purity against the tireless assault of corruption. To pronounce that one of such power defers to one ruler, instead of all rulers; bows at the feet of a false god, rather than standing in defiance against the dark gods; declares that one realm is stronger or better suited to rule than another is to bring all one’s personal power to bear for the evil of corruption.

Only by standing apart from the world may the Arbiter truly influence it.

– “On Neutrality”, Grand Master Igram Korva (4312-4499). The Arbiter’s Codex, pp. 189-190


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