Eisengoth: The Arbiter (3)

To walk within the world, and yet remain above it: such is the destiny of the Arbiter.

We have been chosen, whether by chance, by fate, or by design, to be the vanguard against the darkest things, in the darkest places, in the darkest times. We are of humanity, but we are both more, and we are less. No longer are we sons and daughters, but warriors against an implacable foe.

A daemon will not spare a squalling child, nor an aged woman with great wisdom; it consumes both with the same voracity. Likewise, it consumes both the patriot and the coward, regardless of their heritage.

Mortals fall like wheat beneath the scything daemon’s fangs, and neither wealth, nor status of birth, nor courage nor any other virtue held in great esteem changes it.

A wise man once said: to defeat the enemy, we must first understand him. As the daemon makes no distinction between men, so too must the Arbiter make no distinction. Whether it be in mortal affairs, or the horrors of corruption, the Arbiter must stand apart and make his judgment based on the facts alone.

– “Above the World”, Master Nurem Frejar (1121-1198). The Arbiter’s Codex, pp. 14-15 (one of the oldest surviving texts, preserved for more than 4,000 years)


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