So it seems that a post I made a few months ago – My Dungeon, Your Dragon – an essay I wrote on cooperative storytelling via D&D – is quite close to the name of a new web series, causing my blog to get a lot of what I assume are unintentional hits.

I find this unexpectedly hilarious.

I just hope the series is actually good, so I don’t get people leaving comments telling me about how the show sucks, when I actually have nothing at all to do with it. xD

Progress on Legacy continues forward. I’m really enjoying everything that Scrivener has to offer, and so far it’s done a bang-up job keeping me on track. I did discover an entire subplot to help build momentum at the beginning, but I am still heading along the path which will follow the outline of scenes that I devised, which is a vast improvement in my eyes.

I will be interested to see what happens when I am looking back at the completed project. How close will I have been to the outline? Were there any scenes I simply decided not to use?

This project is really also a process of discovery for me, trying to bolster my weaknesses as a writer and utilize my strengths to their highest potential. Can I pull it off? Well, it’s going pretty well so far. Let’s hope it stays that way!!


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