Author Christopher KellenAbout Christopher Kellen:

Author, gamer and IT professional. Actually, that pretty well sums up my life, except for the part where I’m also married. I love to write and I do it a fair amount these days (nothing like self-publishing your favorite novel to give you the impetus to keep on writing!), I have not one, but TWO weekly gaming nights where friends and I get together to play Dungeons & Dragons (well, one of them is actually Castles & Crusades, but whatever).

I’m also a PC gamer, and the occasional PS3 gamer (although lately, the PS3 does more Netflixing than actual gaming). I’m currently playing Aion with a group of friends, have been since launch, off-and-on. I do not, and probably will not, own an Xbox. My favorite game company is Bioware, which I can safely say as three of the five games I’ve actually played and FINISHED in the last 3 years were Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2. I eagerly await the coming of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Somewhere in there, I also find time for voracious reading – it helps because I read really damn fast. Like, really fast. I have a Sony PRS-505 that kindled (ha-ha) my love of ebooks, and now I barely read anything in print anymore. Paper books are just so… clumsy, and unwieldy. I mean, there are still some books I’ll buy in paper versions, even in hardback, but it’s rare these days. I’d rather have an ebook.

My books will primarily appeal to people like me, I think – readers and gamers, those who love exploring new worlds and finding new characters to follow and cheer for and share pains and sorrows with.

I write to explore world and character, to discover what it is that gives us power and what it means when we have none; to experience situations which none of us will ever see, whether that be fantastic or science-fictional, and to share those experiences with others.

ELEGY is my first polished, edited, professional work. I would have sought trade publishing status for it, except that the story is complete within 50,000 words. There’s no agent in the world who will take on fantasy that short. It was nearly published in an e-zine, but some strange troubles afflicted said publication and it disappeared without ever putting out a single issue. That is why I decided to go independent – well, that and I have an entrepreneurial streak a mile and a half wide.

I hope that if you too like to explore strange new worlds and to find characters who are really heroic despite their flaws, and stories that pull you in to other places and show glimpses of what will probably never be, that you will check out my work. Maybe we have something in common.

– Christopher Kellen, 2011


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